Looted Asante treasures find a new palace home in Ghana

Objects from the British Museum and the Victoria & Albert Museum are on loan to the Asante king, while the Fowler Museum has transferred ownership of seven items

‘Like a child in a messy divorce’: Mary Beard and David Olusoga tackle Parthenon Marbles debate in British Museum panel

Complexities of restitution, the relevance of the universal museum and burgeoning collections were all on the event's agenda

Jordaens painting to be sold after settlement with heirs of Jewish bank shareholders

The work, to be auctioned at Sotheby’s today, was one of more than 2,500 held as collateral and sold, shortly before the Nazi invasion, by the Dutch bank Lisser & Rosenkranz

Bührle Foundation’s provenance research is inadequate, report finds

The report by Raphael Gross calls for more research and details how Jewish owners are omitted from the published provenance

Stedelijk Museum restitutes Matisse Odalisque to Jewish arts patrons’ heirs

Albert Stern, the former owner, sold the painting “out of necessity” in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, the Dutch Restitutions Committee says

Rubens sketch illegally sold in aftermath of Second World War returned to museum in Germany

The oil sketch “Saint Gregory of Nazianzus” (1621) is one of five works by the Old Master that were unlawfully taken from the Friedenstein Foundation, with two still missing

Judge dismisses Holocaust restitution claim to Guggenheim’s Blue Period Picasso

Karl and Rosi Adler’s heirs had claimed that “La repasseuse” (1904) had been sold under duress as the couple fled Nazi persecution

Monet to go on sale after Kunsthaus Zurich reaches settlement with Jewish heirs

The collector and textiles entrepreneur Carl Sachs sold the painting after fleeing to Switzerland from Nazi Germany in 1939

Art Institute of Chicago to return 12th-century temple artefact to Thailand

The Krishna palister once stood along the doorframe of the most important monument to the Khmer dynasty in Thailand

After meeting with Pope Francis, Canada’s Justin Trudeau reiterates call for return of Indigenous artefacts from Vatican Museums

Last spring Pope Francis said “this is going on, with Canada”, but since there has been little movement on repatriation

Swiss Bührle Foundation seeks to settle with Jewish heirs on major Impressionist works

Paintings by Courbet, Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec, Van Gogh and Gauguin are to be removed from display at Zurich’s Kunsthaus

Germany returns looted antiquities in Berlin’s Altes Museum to Italy

As a “thank you” gesture, Italy is reciprocating with loans from Paestum and Naples

US judge rejects Nazi-loot claim to Van Gogh Sunflowers painting owned by Japanese company

After almost two years, the case has been dismissed due to a lack of jurisdiction, so the work will remain at the Sompo Museum of Art in Tokyo

Berlin’s Brücke Museum settles with the heirs of a Jewish collector on Kirchner painting

The work, showing two of Kirchner’s fellow artists playing chess, was sold under duress by the Berlin dealer Victor Wallerstein after he fled to Italy from Nazi Germany

MFA Houston can keep Bernardo Bellotto painting sold to the Nazis, appeals court rules

The lawsuit stems from the accidental restitution of the wrong painting in the immediate aftermath of the Second World War

Cleveland Museum of Art will return ancient statue to Libya

The two-foot-tall artefact, which hails from Ancient Egypt's Ptolemaic Dynasty, will remain on view in Cleveland for "a few years"

Stolen, century-old train-shaped weathervane returned to authorities in Vermont

The 114-year-old iron sculpture of a steam locomotive was stolen from the roof of a train station in 1983

Dispute over a potentially Nazi-looted Egon Schiele goes to trial in New York

Heirs of multiple Holocaust victims have made claims to the drawing, which a member of the Lehman Brothers banking dynasty bought as a gift for his son

19th-century book stolen from Brazilian museum in 2008 is located in London and repatriated

The 1823 naturalist tome describes species of monkeys and bats unique to the Amazon

European court rules Italy can pursue restitution of Getty Museum’s prized Greek bronze

“Victorious Youth”, which was found off the Adriatic coast by Italian fishermen in 1964, has been the subject of an international legal feud for decades

MFA Boston returns Ancient Egyptian child’s coffin to Swedish museum it disappeared from decades ago

The clay coffin, which the MFA Boston acquired in 1985 with apparently false documentation, has been missing from the Gustavianum, Uppsala University Museum since at least 1970

Art Institute of Chicago argues Nazi loot claim to its Egon Schiele portrait lacks ‘a single shred’ of evidence

In a filing this week, the museum disputes the Manhattan District Attorney’s claim that the painting was taken from the Austrian cabaret performer Fritz Grünbaum by the Nazis

Metropolitan Museum returns ancient Sumerian statue to Iraq

The museum’s latest repatriation comes as it ramps up efforts to audit the provenance of objects in its collection

Contested Congolese sculpture returns home, temporarily

The Balot sculpture will be in the Democratic Republic of Congo for six months, while a video of it shows simultaneously at the Venice Biennale

UK politician says ‘liberal progressives’ running museums must resist restitution

Conservative Robert Jenrick argues that proposed long term loans of disputed works is a legal fabrication

New documentary tracks the return of looted art from France to Benin

Mati Diop’s “Dahomey”, which won top honours at the Berlin International Film Festival, takes a pensive and unconventional approach to its subject

Denver Art Museum to return 11 artefacts connected to smuggler Douglas Latchford

The repatriations to Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia come as the museum continues to distance itself from Latchford and his late collaborator Emma C. Bunker

Germany to replace Nazi-loot advisory panel with binding arbitration

The changes will allow Germany to better meet its commitments under the Washington Principles, the country's culture minister says

Most countries have made little to no progress in returning Nazi-looted art, report finds

Only seven nations have made major inroads in recovering property seized during the Holocaust, according to the World Jewish Restitution Organization