Torey Akers

Art History grads face highest rates of unemployment in the US

An interactive report by the New York Fed reveals that those with university degrees in the arts are most likely to find themselves without jobs in the current labour market

Shahzia Sikander statue promoting women's justice at University of Houston beheaded

In the shadow of anti-abortion protests lambasting the artist's sculpture as "Satanic", Sikander's bronze 2023 work 'Witness' was beheaded early Monday morning

Lacma accused of showing counterfeit Korean works

A panel of Korean art experts have deemed four pieces displayed in a recent exhibition to be fakes

Audrey Flack, a pioneer of Photorealism, has died, aged 93

A survey of the artist's work from the last four years of her life, will be on view at the Parrish Art Museum this autumn

Earliest known photograph of a US First Lady acquired by National Portrait Gallery in Washington

The museum recently purchased the 1840s daguerreotype of Dolley Madison at auction

St Louis gallery takes down artists' pro-Palestine exhibition after deeming it anti-semitic

The abrupt closure of the Craft Alliance exhibition came as a shock to the two featured artists

Laser scanning reveals lost Maya structures in forests of Campeche

Archaeologists have used light-detection and ranging (Lidar) technology to uncover new findings about ancient Maya Lowland settlements

Art Institute of Chicago to return 12th-century temple artefact to Thailand

The Krishna palister once stood along the doorframe of the most important monument to the Khmer dynasty in Thailand

Operators of New York auction house charged with illegal sales of ivory and rhino horn artefacts

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office has charged the owners of Merces Gallery with selling prohibited animal products online

New study of skeletons at Chichén Itzá rewrites history of ancient Maya child sacrifice

An international research team performed genetic testing on 64 children's skeletons, debunking some longstanding myths about Maya religious sacrifices

A new artist residency and incubator launches in East Detroit

Founder Samara Furlong promises Buffalo Prescott will be place for Detroit artists to "experiment and dream"

Philadelphia's University of the Arts suddenly closes, prompting president's resignation, student protests and a class action lawsuit

The institution gave just week's notice before its 7 June closure, causing confusion and upheaval throughout the community

Los Angeles's Institute of Contemporary Art reveals details of $12m revamp and expansion

The downtown museum has announced an ambitious renovation plan that centers local artists

Getty Research Institute acquires photography dealer Peter MacGill's archive

The extensive archive, which includes client correspondence and daily records, will be catalogued over the course of the next few years

Cleveland Museum of Art will return ancient statue to Libya

The two-foot-tall artefact, which hails from Ancient Egypt's Ptolemaic Dynasty, will remain on view in Cleveland for "a few years"

Frida Kahlo museum clarifies that Madonna did not visit and try on the artist's clothes

Madonna may have tried on Kahlo's clothes during a previous visit to her family home

Lauren Halsey to create outdoor sculpture park in South Central, Los Angeles

In addition to the temporary sculpture park, Halsey will open a community centre in 2026 through her non-profit Summaeverythang

Stolen, century-old train-shaped weathervane returned to authorities in Vermont

The 114-year-old iron sculpture of a steam locomotive was stolen from the roof of a train station in 1983

Dispute over a potentially Nazi-looted Egon Schiele goes to trial in New York

Heirs of multiple Holocaust victims have made claims to the drawing, which a member of the Lehman Brothers banking dynasty bought as a gift for his son

DeviantArt and Midjourney deny wrongdoing in copyright infringement lawsuit over in AI image generators

Two giants of the image generation industry rejected copyright infringement claims from artists who allege their work was used to train an AI tool

US authorities return antiquities linked with notorious smuggling ring to Egypt

The Egyptian items repatriated by the Manhattan District Attorney's office this week, collectively valued at $1.4m, include a wood coffin face and a royal alabaster vase

The New Art Dealers Alliance fair returns to New York’s Chelsea with off-the-wall works

The fair’s tenth edition features a critical mass of unusually arranged sculptures.

The female form takes many shapes at Future Fair

The Frieze New York satellite fair features an array of largely light-hearted works displaying melted, jumbled and disembodied limbs

Venus Williams to host new podcast for Carnegie Museum of Art

The tennis legend's audio venture will coincide with a photography exhibition exploring the relationship between artistry and landscape


‘The experience of giving birth is so abstract and intense’: Loie Hollowell on the challenge of painting pregnancy

The artist’s survey at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum tracks the formal language she developed to depict an essential process in life—one that, historically, has been rarely depicted

Jewish history museum in Philadelphia would become part of Smithsonian under proposed legislation

A new bill could create a commission to assess the feasibility of adding the Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History to the Smithsonian family

FBI returns 22 looted artefacts to Japan

A haul of historic objects looted following the Battle of Okinawa make their way home after almost 80 years

Denver Art Museum to return 11 artefacts connected to smuggler Douglas Latchford

The repatriations to Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia come as the museum continues to distance itself from Latchford and his late collaborator Emma C. Bunker