Oldest example of figurative art found in Indonesian cave

The picture depicting a wild pig and a trio of human figures dates from 51,000 years ago, according to researchers, and suggests that Europe was not the birthplace of cave art


Art of the Ice Age has a lot to teach us—it’s time the British Museum dedicated a gallery to it

The museum is only one of two institutions in the world to see Ice Age art as part of human cultural endeavour, but it needs a proper space to explain and explore this

New study of skeletons at Chichén Itzá rewrites history of ancient Maya child sacrifice

An international research team performed genetic testing on 64 children's skeletons, debunking some longstanding myths about Maya religious sacrifices

Artefacts discovered down well shed light on ancient Roman rituals

The objects, found within the Ostia Antica archaeological site in southern Italy, include burnt animal bones and a carved wooden chalice

New encyclopaedia makes Africa’s distant past relevant to today and tomorrow

Project aims to help seasoned researchers unlearn biases and the next generation of archaeologists to find inspiration

Possible Ancient Egyptian structure identified beside the Giza pyramids

The discovery of the L-shaped object was made in an ancient Egyptian elite cemetery beside the Great Pyramid of Khufu

Burned Maya royals' remains discovered in Guatemalan temple-pyramid

The discovery, at the ancient site of Ucanal, is believed to reflect a political regime change in the 8th or 9th century

Stunning frescoes revealed at Pompeii

Depicting scenes from Greek mythology, the works were discovered in the banqueting room of a large house in the ancient Roman city

Archaeologists in Brazil find petroglyphs alongside dinosaur tracks

No, this does not mean dinosaurs and humans lived there at the same time

Lost building discovered in Sicily’s ancient Valley of the Temples

Archaeologists working at a Unesco World Heritage site in Agrigento have revealed the remains of a previously unknown building

How the US’s Black cemeteries are being made visible once more

A cemetery hidden under a Florida air base is the latest African American burial site rediscovered following decades of erasure

How ancient cave art is rewriting Puerto Rican history

Recent study shows that humans inhabited and made art in the archipelago thousands of years earlier than previously thought

16 new archaeological sites identified in Brazil’s Tocantins state

Newly discovered rock art, including human and animal footprints, is thought to have been created 2,000 years ago

Archaeologists in Peru identified one of the oldest megalithic structures in the Americas

The 4,750-year-old circular stone plaza has been under analysis since 2018

Cave paintings in Patagonia discovered to be oldest rock art in South America

Radiocarbon dating by archaeologists has revealed that wall motifs in a cave in southern Argentina are over 8,000 years old

30 archaeological artefacts returned to Mexican authorities in Los Angeles ceremony

Objects ranging from the 1st century to the 15th century were handed over at the Mexican consulate in Los Angeles earlier this month

Roman funerary bed found in central London

Archaeologists are "blown away" by the levels of preservation of the finds at Holborn Viaduct, which also include five oak coffins, a decorated lamp, a glass vial, and jet and amber beads

Cambodian government takes over management of three Angkor archaeological sites from World Monuments Fund

The announcement coincides with the 35th anniversary of WMF's efforts at the archaeological park and a new phase of conservation at Phnom Bakheng


Why the ancient Amazonian cities recently discovered in Ecuador are so significant

The findings in the Upano Valley, researchers say, counter racist and dismissive attitudes about Amazonian heritage

Plazas and pottery: oldest Amazonian cities uncovered in major archaeological discovery in Ecuador

Lidar light detection technology helped scientists to see beneath the foliage and discover the 2500-year-old settlement

Toronto construction crew unearths ancient Indigenous burial ground

Work on a water line near the city’s Greektown section has turned up human remains believed to be at least 700 years old

Medieval cemetery with crouching bodies and rare artefacts unearthed near Cardiff airport

French glass and African pottery suggest individuals buried are of high status

Pompeii prison bakery—discovered during recent excavations—opens to the public

Regio IX area, one of nine neighbourhoods, was made publicly accessible this week

Archaeologists discover ancient Pueblo calendar and other petroglyphs in Colorado

The findings, by a team from Poland working inside Mesa Verde National Park, add to our understanding of the 13th-century Pueblan communities

Hidden burial chamber discovered at Tulum Maya site in Mexico

The cavern’s entrance had been concealed by a boulder that appears to have pinned an unfortunate person to the spot when it was installed

Mexico’s Maya Train finally leaves the station after years of delays and tripling of costs

The rail network connecting archaeological sites and tourist destinations on the Yucatán peninsula is one of president Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s legacy projects

Quagga-mire: Great Lakes shipwrecks slowly consumed by invasive molluscs

Preserved for centuries in pristine condition, submerged archaeological sites are now being destroyed by quagga mussels

Archaeologists in Israel join effort to identify victims of Hamas attacks

First-of-its-kind operation has seen experts continue the grim search at a forensic level

Maya used aquatic plants in sustainable water purification system, study suggests

New research has revealed the clean-water secret of Classic Maya reservoirs