Julia Halperin

Welcome to the slow museum, where less is more

In an effort to deepen existing programming and community engagement, some institutions are choosing to stage fewer exhibitions

The US sculpture park communicating difficult truths amid a cultural backlash

In a time of increased lawsuits over diversity initiatives, a civil rights organisation aims to make the history and legacy of slavery in the US undeniable through art and first-person narratives

Four ex-staffers say Nino Mier Gallery underpaid multiple artists and pocketed the difference

A series of documents from 2018-19, seen by The Art Newspaper, shows that five artists on the dealer’s roster were shortchanged by as much as 54% on some sales

How much should museums pay artists for events such as the Whitney Biennial?

Compensating participants for group exhibitions is an important but taboo subject, as is the fee amount institutions provide

The dawn of the entrepreneurial museum

With traditional philanthropic models on the wane, US institutions like the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and the Andy Warhol Museum are engaging in unconventional partnerships and launching spin-off businesses

The hangover after the museum party: institutions in the US are facing a funding crisis

As the baby-boomer generation of major donors pulls back or dies off, museums are struggling to attract their heirs’ interest

There is no end to the museum exodus

Higher salaries are a major reason why mid-level museum workers are leaving for commercial gallery jobs, but instability caused by the Covid pandemic is also a factor


So you work for a museum and you have ratified a union contract… what next?

In the past few years, unionised employees at more than a dozen US museums have finalised their first contracts with management, but how have their day-to-day lives changed as a result?


How museum guides are being enlisted in the US culture wars

Docents—voluntary educators who are frequently white, of retirement age and middle class—embody the tensions between the status quo and change in US museums


Why do US museum workers want to quit?

Employees in the sector increasingly find their jobs exhausting and unfulfilling—but how can they avoid burnout at work?

Does the search for US museum leaders lack transparency?

Julia Halperin examines the often mysterious recruitment procedure for new museum directors in the US, which has come under increased scrutiny

JTT, a closely watched New York gallery unafraid to take risks, will close permanently

The gallery, which moved to Tribeca in 2022, will shutter when its current show comes down on 11 August

Minneapolis Institute of Art unveils new-look period rooms

Curators uncover alternative histories of colonial America through new research

Nowhere to hide: new tool brings technical firepower to the fight against fraudsters

Proprietary screening software will trawl the dark web for fakes and unauthorised copies sold online

Texas oil town is enjoying another boom—and this time it’s for art

Since the arrival of a contemporary fair jolted its local collecting scene, Dallas has gone from outpost to hot spot

Culture on the frontline: Penn Museum shows artefacts curators are fighting to save in Syria and Iraq

Exhibition features ancient objects and Medieval manuscripts, along with contemporary commissions by a Syrian-born artist

Contemporary art dominates US museums, our visitor surveys confirm

Decisive shift away from historic art exhibitions began in mid-2000s

More shows, fewer problems

New research reveals that increasing the number of exhibitions pays off for museums

Teresita Fernandez wants to change the way you think about American landscapes

The artist’s installation at the home of Hudson River School painter Frederic Edwin Church reminds visitors that stunning painted vistas were also homes to real people

Former Met curator speaks candidly about the New York museum's current challenges

George Goldner, who led the museum’s department of prints and drawings for two decades, says it needs to reassess its priorities

Trump’s travel ban denounced by curators and artists

Institutional leaders say such restrictions would have grave consequences on exhibitions, research and the future of cultural exchange

Metropolitan Museum director Thomas Campbell resigns

The news comes as the New York museum tackles financial problems, sheds staff, cuts down on shows and postpones a $600m project

Why auctioneers are buying into forensics

Scientific analysis comes to the fore as Sotheby's establishes new department, but some remain doubtful about technology's reliability

Artists, curators and gallerists sign letter calling for repeal of Trump’s immigration order

“The ban affects all of us” say signatories from across the art world

MoMA responds to Trump’s immigration ban through its collection

The museum installs works by artists from Muslim nations in its permanent galleries

Art consultants Arisohn + Murphy offer pop-up project management

New York firm finds niche helping artists and galleries

Signs of the times: museums and libraries preserve placards from the Women’s Marches

Archives in the US and the UK are collecting the wittiest and sharpest signs from the protests over the election of US president Trump

Tide rises on Robert Rauschenberg's island retreat

Captiva, the late artist's Florida compound, is "at high risk of storm surge flooding”

Is the Ringling Museum's Velázquez the real deal?

Scans reveal the Florida institution's portrait of Philip IV had a fashion-forward makeover